Statistics of an establishment on Zboží.cz

Statistics can be found in the administration of Zboží.cz right under “Přehled”.

Here you can see statistics for the entire history of your establishment on Zboží.cz. There are summary statistics in graphical display or detailed statistics in CSV format for downloading.

Summary statistics

In the administration, you can monitor statistics according to the placement of offers over a specific period. The graph of the development over a given period shows the criteria you have selected, such as impressions, clicks, cost per click, conversion value, etc.

Statistics from the Zboží ads and Sbazar are also included under the search results.

Since 11 January 2024 statistics are not included in category listings and category searches!

Detailed statistics

You can track views, clicks, and conversions of offers from individual locations on Zboží.cz. Just go to “Podrobné statistiky” in the “Statistiky” tab in the Zboží.cz administration, where you can select a list of offers displayed for a given period based on your selected criteria. After downloading the CSV file, you can view the specific statistics for each offer.

Impressions or clicks can be from several types of offer placements on Zboží.cz.

Location of offers

Overview of offer placement types and CPC

Offer placement
  • Product detail – TOP – listing of offers in the product detail in the “Recommended offers” section
  • Product detail – listing of offers in the product detail in the section “Offers by price”
  • Category listing – listing of separate offers in a specific category (untill 11 January)
  • Search results – listing of Zboží ADS across the whole Zboží.cz and
  • Category search – listing of separate offers in a specific category, when searching for keywords (untill 11 January)

*Until 11.1.2024 it was also a listing of separate offers across the entire Zboží.cz.

Product detail

What influences the ranking of shops in the Recommended Deals section?

  • maximum offer cost per click (MAX_CPC)
  • user rating score
  • free shipping
  • stock availability
  • comparison of the offer price against the average market price
  • other factors may also be taken into account in the calculation
  • offer placement in establishment statistics: product detail – TOP

What affects the ranking of deals in the Deals by Price section?

  • offers are sorted by lowest price
  • offer placement in establishment statistics: product detail

Search result

Search result after entering a keyword, e.g., “walk-behind petrol lawnmower”. First Zboží.cz searches and displays the manually created products, then it lists all the automatically created products that are relevant to the search query.

What affects the order of shops in the default order?

  • keyword relevance – search query
  • CTR of a specific e-shop item
  • price
  • transport and personal collection options
  • availability
  • quality of the store according to customer reviews
search by keywords

How to measure the effectiveness of a campaign?

In order to evaluate campaigns correctly, you need to deploy a conversion code. This is used to measure conversions, i.e., the number and value of orders from customers who came to your shop via Zboží.cz. Measuring conversions of your online shop on Zboží.cz.

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