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Improve the presentation of your products for FREE.

Listing tables

How to ensure that your products are displayed flawlessly on Zboží.cz for free? Provide us with product data directly in the form of listing tables or data feed

Download table

We will use the product information you send us as a primary source when setting up product cards. This way, your official product photos and correct parameters will be displayed next to the products.

You can also provide us with information on products that have not yet been introduced. We will create the product card in advance and it will be displayed on the website immediately after the product launch. Customers will be able to find your new product immediately.

Vendor feed

You can also use the product feed to communicate information about your products. Download the specifications below.

Specification of the feedu in CZECH

Specification of the feed in ENG

We will be happy to help you set up your feed solution. We can also use the feed from your official e-shop, which you already send us, as a primary source for product creation.

Access to internal product databanks

We will also use access to internal databanks to improve the quality of your products.

Send us a link with your access data and we will use the databanks to set up your products.

Link to Zboží.cz from the manufacturer’s website

To allow your customers to choose the retailer of their preference, you can link to the product card on Zboží.cz from your website. 

Need more help?

If you are still unsure, please contact our consultants.