URL tagging (UTM parameters)

For new advertisers, we recommend unifying the measurement, i.e. tagging both Sklik and Product accesses to a single source (ideally a list). Existing advertisers should first consider how they want to continue to evaluate their campaigns in Analytics and decide accordingly whether to continue to tag Goods campaigns separately or also unify under one source of visits.

Useful dynamic variables for campaigns like Zboží.cz:
{network} – where the click occurred (list, zbozi.cz)
{bidtype} – auction type (product, search or empty for price sorted placements)
{query} – search query
{adtitle} – name of the item whose ad was clicked

When bidding on Zboží.cz via XML feed or Zboží administration, visits from Zboží ads (ZI) and Zboží.cz are sorted in Google Analytics as before (usually source = zbozi.cz and medium = referral).

UTM parameter values can be defined by extending the target URLs of products in the XML feed. UTM parameters can contain dynamic variables similar to the automatic tagging in Sklik.

Example of UTM parameters for split tagging under list and zbozi.cz resources:

Example of UTM parameters for unified tagging under list resource:

In this case, visits from Zboží.cz and Zboží ads will be tagged according to the UTM parameters from the feed, and the other product campaigns in Sklik (Dynamic retargeting and Dynamic banner) will have Sklik’s Auto-tagging rules applied to override these UTMs.

Preview of output of Campaign and Content dimensions for zbozi.cz resource
Preview of output of Campaign and Content dimensions for zbozi.cz resource

These combinations of the {network} and {bidtype} variables determine where the click-through occurred:

URL tagging when bidding from Sklik

If you have Sklik bidding set up, follow the instructions in Sklik Help.

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