Displaying of advertisement

If you have an active campaign on Zboží.cz, your e-shop offers will be displayed in several places.

Interesting facts about product advertising

  • Product advertising on Seznam.cz (search Seznam.cz, Zboží.cz, Obrázky.cz, Sbazar.cz) allows you to reach up to 64% of the Czech internet population*.
  • Year-on-year growth in product search advertising after full deployment in November 2022 is +99%**.
  • Don’t forget that Zboží.cz is not just a price guide on the Zboží.cz domain itself, but also Zboží Ads, which can form a dominant part of the traffic.

* Data NetMonitor, October 2022
** Advertisers’ investments, Seznam.cz data, 16.11.2022 – 31.12.2022

Search on Zboží.cz

In the search results on Zboží.cz we distinguish two ways in which the advertised offers from the e-shop can be displayed. It is possible both in the product details and in Zboží Ads.



The product contains the name, e-shop (where the product is available), picture, label, selling price and availability as well as additional information (e.g. free gift). The product can be listed in a category (the condition is to have a correctly filled value for the CATEGORYTEXT element in the feed). The click then leads directly to the e-shop.

Displaying Zboží ads

Zboží ads are part of the Zboží.cz campaign and appear in Seznam.cz, Sbazar.cz and Obrázky.cz searches.

Offers in the search on Zboží.cz are placed between products.

Offers in the search on Seznam.cz are placed at the top above or next to the top positions of Sklik’s text ads. We also display product ads in the form of a carousel. On mobile phones, for the time being, offers are displayed below the natural search results.

displaying Zboží ads in Seznam.cz search
displaying Zboží ads in Seznam.cz search (carousel)
displaying Zboží ads on Sbazar
displaying Zboží ads on Obrazky.cz

Advertisement of bazaar offers on Sbazar

On Sbazar we display offers of second-hand, refurbished, used, unpacked goods or goods with damaged packaging, etc. These offers will be displayed in the product advertisement.

displaying offers on Sbazar

Product trailer in Seznam.cz search

The product trailer is only displayed on mobile devices. It is a product on Zboží.cz, where individual e-shop offers are paired, and clicks are charged according to MAX_CPC.

Product trailer

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