Creating a product card

WHY? You will have constant control over the description of your products. The customer will get information about your products directly from you, not indirectly from e-shops.


  • Creating a product card
  • Uploading photos
  • Filling in all product parameters
  • Short text description                                                        

Note: The product card must comply with our internal rules.

We reserve the right not to establish a product card due to failure to meet the requirements.        

WHAT YOU GET by creating a product card

  • Priority product creation. You don’t wait until/if there’s a queue for it
  • We will create a product card for you even if there is only one offer
  • Immediate price comparison between e-shops
  • All important parameters are filled in
  • Numerous product photogallery
  • Short concise description
  • Displaying a product in its category in a higher position, i.e. always higher than a manufacturer that does not have a product card.
  • The user can easily add your product to the comparison
  • Reviews directly on the product card
  • Visible on Google and Seznam
  • Advantageous co-branding campaign for the product
  • Ability to link to the product directly from the manufacturer’s website
  • Unique opportunity to insert a product into a thematically focused article

Product card on Zboží.cz

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