Use of Zboží.cz XML feed for Sklik

XML feed can also be used for advertising on Sklik, specifically for Product Ads, Dynamic retargeting and Dynamic banner. The condition for using the XML feed is registration of the e-shop to Zboží.cz. The system then automatically processes the XML feed for both Zboží.cz and Sklik. The difference, however, is which tags the services use and process.

Take a look at the tags that Sklik uses from the XML feed.

For a properly functioning PI campaign, we recommend checking that your XML feed contains at least the following tags:

  • Offer name <PRODUCTNAME> (mandatory parameter for Zboží.cz)
  • Offer description <DESCRIPTION> (mandatory parameter for Zboží.cz)
  • Price <PRICE_VAT> (mandatory parameter for Zboží.cz)
  • URL <URL> (mandatory parameter for Zboží.cz)
  • Availability <DELIVERY_DATE> (mandatory parameter for Zboží.cz)
  • Image URL <IMGURL> (mandatory parameter for PI)
  • Category <CATEGORYTEXT> (recommended)

In the product campaign, you then specify a filter above the XML feed according to which your product listings will be issued. This is in the form of parameters (attributes) of the XML feed:

  • Manufacturer <MANUFACTURER>
  • Category <CATEGORYTEXT>
  • Brand <BRAND>
  • Availability <DELIVERY_DATE>
  • Price <PRICE_VAT>

You can then add among the existing attributes:

  • Label 1 <CUSTOM_LABEL_0>
  • Label 2 <CUSTOM_LABEL_1>

Dynamic banner uses

  • Label 4 <CUSTOM_LABEL_3>, slouží jako popisek u nabídky

See Sklik Help for more information.

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