Customers can search for products and offers of individual e-shops in each category using parameters that make it easier for them to find products and offers according to the desired criteria.

Parameters for the product

Individual products, which are created in our database, have specific parameters assigned to them. Adding parameters to individual products takes place exclusively on the Zboží.cz page.

Parameters for e-shop offers

The assignment of individual parameters to individual offers, as opposed to products, is the responsibility of the individual e-shops. The offers are displayed in the search results using the parameter filter based on the correct parameter value in the tag PARAM.

The advantage of specifying parameters

In each category, it is possible to narrow down the displayed search result by using the correct parameters for each offer. Products and unpaired offers will be limited to only those that match the search criteria based on the filters set by the customer. Offers that do not match the search parameter will not be displayed in these search results.

Correctly chosen parameters will give you an advantage over other e-shops that do not include parameters in their offers.

Parameters according to the specification of Zboží.cz

All possible parameters and their allowed values can be found in the XML feed specification under the tag PARAM.

For each category, we try to list as many parameters as possible that can help you find a suitable search result. Even so, it may happen that you miss a parameter in a given category. Please do not hesitate to contact us at, we will be happy to evaluate your request.

Need more help?

If you are still unsure, please contact our consultants.