XML feed

What is XML feed

The XML offer feed is a data file that contains information about individual sales offers in your e-shop (name, price, availability data, etc.).

The feed is most often generated directly from the e-shop database. If you do not know how to get the XML feed, consult your webmaster or contact the platform provider for your e-shop.

XML feed structure

The correct structure of the tags in the XML feed and the amount and correctness of the information they contain contributes to the effectiveness of any campaign in Zboží.cz.

You can check the correctness of your XML feed in our validator. We recommend that you place the individual offers of the XML feed on individual lines, so that, if an error occurs, the validator can tell you specifically which line it occurs on.

When processing the XML feed, we do not store duplicate offers, we evaluate them according to their identical name in the PRODUCTNAME tag and the identical value in the ITEM_ID tag.

The XML feed created must always be uploaded to the website, so that Zboží.cz can regularly download information about individual offers from its URL address. The frequency of downloading can be set between 1x and 12x per day. The total number of offers in the XML feed is not limited.

XML feed sample

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <!-- kódování zadejte dle použitého typu ("utf-8", "windows-1250" ...). Doporučené a výchozí je utf-8 -->
 <SHOP xmlns="http://www.zbozi.cz/ns/offer/1.0">
 <PRODUCTNAME>Solartent MC234CZ/A premium Beige</PRODUCTNAME>
 <PRODUCT>Stínítko z laminátových prutů Solartent MC234CZ/A premium Berige </PRODUCT>
 <DESCRIPTION>Velmi praktické stínítko s lehkou konstrukcí z laminátových prutů.</DESCRIPTION>
 <CATEGORYTEXT>Dům, byt a zahrada | Zahrada | Stínící technika | Zahradní slunečníky</CATEGORYTEXT>
 <FREE_GIFT_TEXT>Powerbanka ADATA s kapacitou 12500 mAh</FREE_GIFT_TEXT>
 <!-- popis druhé nabídky... -->
 <!-- ... -->

Frequently asked questions

The XML offer feed is a data file that contains information about individual sales offers in your e-shop (name, price, availability data, etc.). The XML feed is required for registration at Zboží.cz.

No, we cannot. To create an XML feed, we recommend contacting your webmaster or an e-shop solution provider. The XML feed must be created according to the Zboží.cz Specification.

If you need to change the address of the input XML data file for a registered shop, you can make the change in the Zboží.cz administration interface under the “feed” and “feed URL editing” tabs.

No, only new goods can be advertised on Zboží.cz. However, you can advertise used, unpacked, or refurbished goods using your XML feed on the Sbazar service. The offers must be tagged with the appropriate <CONDITION> tag in the XML feed.

The specific availability values can be found in the XML feed specifications for the DELIVERY_DATE tag.

The information about a specific free gift (or even the text of the voucher for the next purchase or a mention of a specific accessory) should be added to the EXTRA_MESSAGE tag as follows.

Need more help?

If you are still unsure, please contact our consultants.