Easier orientation within the whole Zboží.cz is provided by individual categories. In specific categories you can find both products that are created in our product database by our administrators and individual offers from your e-shop.

Product categorization

The individual products that are created in our database have specific categories assigned to them. The sorting of products into categories takes place exclusively on the Zboží.cz website.

Categorization of offers

The display of individual e-shop offers in a specific category is, on the contrary, in the control of individual e-shops. You can place your offers in a category using the correct category tree in the tag CATEGORYTEXT.

The category can also be set for a specific offer in the Zboží.cz Administration via the “Sortiment” – “Nabídky” tab.

Manual category settings in Zboží.cz administration

Advantage of listed offers in category

The advantage of using CATEGORYTEXT for individual bids is that we can display your unpaired offers in multiple places in the search results. Offers will not only appear in the “separate offers” section but also when a customer is redirected to a specific category.

By categorizing your offers, you will get more views, which will also determine the number of clicks to your e-shop. You will make your offers more visible to customers who are looking for your products.

Category tree

All categories registered in our database can be found in the XML feed specification under the tag CATEGORYTEXT.

Our administrators manage not only the product database, but also the entire category tree. We have several thousand categories in our database. However, it may happen that you miss a category on Zboží.cz. Please do not hesitate to contact us at, we will be happy to evaluate your request.

CATEGORYTEXT must be according to the Zboží.cz specification, otherwise the system may not recognize the category value correctly and include the offer in the category.

Need more help?

If you are still unsure, please contact our consultants.