Rich product description

WHY? More information, photos and precise descriptions will make the presentation of your products more attractive and appealing to customers.


  • Detailed product description from manufacturer’s documentation
  • Insert photos directly into the description
  • Attractive video embedding option                                                                
  • Filling in all available parameters
  • Uploading a rich photo gallery of your products

WHAT YOU GET with the service rich product description

  • Detailed product description including illustrative photos
  • Detailed parameters, introduction of product advantages
  • Opportunity to describe the technology in detail and explain the manufacturer’s terminology
  • Attractive option to embed an illustrative video
  • Showing the product in Google in higher positions
  • Linking to the accessory offer for the product
Rich product description

GET a discounted price

  • Provide us with a fully detailed rich description and get a good price.
  • The description must meet our internal rules.
  • Detailed specifications can be found in the required documentation.

For example, do you have colour variations of the product? Take advantage of discounted prices!

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