Rating and reviews

Shop rating

After registering a shop on Zboží.cz, an e-shop detail is automatically created in which customers have the opportunity to indicate how satisfied they were with their purchase in that e-shop (note: the record expires three year after the shop is removed from Zboží.cz). Customers rate not only their overall satisfaction with the purchase, but also the service and, in particular, whether they are willing to shop in that particular shop again. This gives operators feedback on which parts of the service they should work on.

Internet shop ratings also serve as a guide for potential customers who want to choose an e-shop based on credibility. The aim is, among other things, to draw attention to possible unfair practices of shops in the delivery of goods and the handling of complaints.

User opinions are displayed by clicking in the product detail; for individual offers there is only the overall rating.

Viewing shop reviews

Product detail

display of ratings for offers in a manually created product

Each review is graphically distinguished, by whether it was written by a verified customer or just a customer who was logged in with a Seznam account.

Verified customer

reviews from a verified customer

A “Verified Customer” is a user about whom we know with certainty that he or she has actually placed an order at the e-shop. This information is transmitted to us by the e-shop via a conversion code located on the order confirmation page. We will send this user an invitation to rate the shop on Zboží.cz. This user can rate the e-shop only once, after each order. A new form cannot be sent after a request to remove a review.

invitation to evaluate an e-shop

Registered user of Seznam.cz

display of reviews from a logged in customer

A user who has logged in to the Zboží.cz service via a Seznam.cz user account is a “Registered Customer” and can rate a shop only once.

Evaluation form

The form for adding a rating is very simple. The goal is to get as many shoppers as possible to fill out the questionnaire. They can describe their experience either under their name or anonymously. In the case of anonymous reviews, the order number is not displayed. We recommend the e-shop to respond to the reviews through the Zboží.cz Administration.

Reviews are not allowed to mention competing price comparators or unsubstantiated claims that they are about another seller’s goods. Such reviews will be rejected.

e-shop evaluation form

The e-shop rating form is the same for verified customers as for registered users. If the e-shop has responded to the review within 24 hours, the review cannot be changed or removed.

The user can edit or delete the review within 24 hours of adding it.

your newly added rating
Through the three dots on the right you can edit or delete the review within 24 hours (if the e-shop has not responded to it)

Shop’s response to a review

Zboží.cz does not inform about the new review. We therefore recommend that you check regularly to see if your shop has received a new review. E-shops can respond to reviews in the administration interface (they can comment once, but they cannot delete customer reviews). You can only download your reviews automatically via the API.

display of ratings in the administration at Zboží.cz

We display order numbers only for e-shop orders that have a standard conversion code deployed.

The account owner and administrator have the right to respond to reviews. The shop’s reactions will then be displayed in the shop details under the review.

customer rating with an e-shop’s response

How to get more reviews

Calculation of ratings and rules

The overall rating (called score) of a shop represents the ratio between satisfied and dissatisfied customers. For example, if nine out of ten people are satisfied with their purchase, the final rating of the e-shop will be 90%. The score is displayed only after at least four reviews have been entered and is calculated over the entire period elapsed since the first review was added.

In order to ensure the quality of reviews on Zboží.cz, we reserve the right to delete a review if it violates the laws of the Czech Republic in any way or is contrary to good morals. Likewise, we reserve the right to remove any review that is suspected of unfair practices in the context of deliberately harming competitors or self-favouring.

Getting an evaluation

If a shop wants to have the best score possible, we recommend supporting the collection of reviews. The more reviews a shop has, the more objective the overall rating of the shop on Zboží.cz will be. More reviews can also make a potential customer decide to buy from your shop.

That is why we recommend having a standard conversion measurement deployed. This will ensure that Zboží.cz is involved in collecting reviews from customers who have purchased from you. After an order is placed, we will contact the customer by e-mail to ask them to rate your e-shop.

By deploying standard conversion tracking, you can obtain more positive reviews. From experience, we know that customers who are not satisfied with their purchase are the ones who will rate the e-shop of their own free will.

Icons for the web

We also recommend placing icons on the e-shop pages that will direct customers to the shop details on Zboží.cz.

What are icons good for?

  • They will help you collect more reviews on Zboží.cz. The more recommendations your shop has, the more likely people are to buy from you.
  • You show that you are working with an important partner in the industry.

You can find the icons in the administration at Zboží.cz in the “Hodnocení” – “Ikonky pro hodnocení” tab and you can simply insert them on your website. Or you can download them all in a ZIP. In the administration, you will find HTML codes with a link directly to the rating of your e-shop on Zboží.cz.

icons for web

Product rating

In addition to e-shops, customers can also express their satisfaction with the products they have purchased on Zboží.cz. The more customer reviews a product has, the more likely it is to convince potential customers to buy it. Here, too, a distinction is made as to whether the review is added by a verified customer or just a logged-in user.

Verified purchase

review by a verified shopper

A review marked as a “verified purchase” was written by a customer who ordered the product from an e-shop that offered the product. After 30 days from the purchase, we will send him/her an e-mail inviting him/her to review the product. As a condition of this review collection, a standard conversion code must be deployed and a personal data processing agreement must be agreed.

Registered Seznam user

rating by a logged-in user Seznam.cz

Visitors can rate each product review to indicate if they found it useful. The most helpful reviews are displayed highest on the page.

Product evaluation form

The evaluation form is simple. The aim is to get as many users as possible to fill it in.

product evaluation form

Obligation to inform

If you are actively collecting reviews from your customers, you need to comply with the obligation to inform pursuant to the law. We therefore recommend that you incorporate the following text in your terms and conditions.

Pursuant to Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on certain information society services and amending certain acts, as amended, we may send you, as our customer, marketing communications concerning our services or information about our company. This may include e-mail questionnaires concerning your satisfaction with your purchase with us; to send these out, we use the Zboží.cz evaluation service, to which we will provide your e-mail address and information about the specific purchase. You can object to the sending of e-mail questionnaires via the Zboží.cz service at any time, either directly in your shopping cart or by clicking on the link in the e-mail you receive with the questionnaire.

Frequently Asked Questions

The overall rating (called score) of the shop is calculated as the overall average of all user ratings and is displayed in the form of stars – from 1 to 5 – in the listing of offers. A detailed list of individual user ratings can be displayed by clicking on the stars for the given e-shop. A shop’s score is displayed after at least 4 ratings have been received.

You can obtain a higher number of ratings by deploying standard conversion measurement. After a purchase is made, we will contact the customer with an invitation for him/her to rate the e-shop. Just include their e-mail in the conversion code.

Deleting reviews is the sole responsibility of the operator of the Zboží.cz service. If reviews do not contradict good manners, we do not delete them, as a matter of principle.

The administrator of the given shop can respond to the reviews in the Zboží.cz administration interface in the Establishment -> Managing Reviews tab.

The standard conversion code sent does not contain data on the basis of which we could contact the customer to evaluate the e-shop. Any customer can give a rating, regardless of whether they have actually made a purchase from the e-shop. We recommend that you make full use of the standard measurement code and also submit recommended information.

Need more help?

If you are still unsure, please contact our consultants.