Conversion code

Standard measurement of conversions

For standard conversion measurement, you need to approve the terms and conditions and obtain the so-called secret key in the administration of your establishment. The secret key is used to verify that the data sent by the conversion code actually comes from your shop.

If you run your shop on one of the supported shop systems, just enter your shop ID and the secret key you have obtained in the interface. Then, in the Zboží.cz administration, all you need to do is to turn on conversion tracking.

If you need to implement conversion tracking tailored to your shop system, the technical documentation will help you. In addition to sample codes, you can also find a pre-made class in PHP there. We recommend you verify the correctness of the implementation before turning on the tracking itself on the test page, where you can have a test ID and a secret key generated and verify that the data about the generated orders arrives on our test server (without us storing them). For this test, you need to use the useSandbox call in the code.

Attention! Do not forget to remove this call after the test, otherwise your conversions will not be processed.

Limited measurement of conversions

For limited conversion measurement, you need to place a simple JavaScript code on your site and fill in the order number and value. The code can be found in your administration, the “Conversion measurement” tab – “Limited conversion measurement”.

The code needs to be placed on the conversion page displayed after the order is submitted/confirmed. Its optimal placement is in the page header (before </head>) – the script is called asynchronously, so it does not slow down the loading of other elements on the page. However, as with any JavaScript code, it is possible that it will be degraded during submission (e.g., due to some browser extensions for ad blocking), so we strongly recommend using standard measurements.

Need more help?

If you are still unsure, please contact our consultants.