Basic settings

In order for your campaign to work properly and attract customers searching on Zboží.cz, you need to pay attention to the basic campaign setup.

Campaign activation/deactivation

When you register your e-shop, your campaign is activated automatically. In this case, there is no need for further activation.

In case you deactivate the campaign for whatever reason in the Zboží.cz administration, you can activate it in the same way in the Zboží.cz administration in the “Aukce a konverze“ – „Kredit a limity” tab, where you enter “Aktivovat kampaň”.

If no clicks or impressions are recorded in your traffic statistics, check if your campaign is active.

Financial limit

The financial limit is used to control your investment. You can set your financial limit in 3 different ways (unlimited/monthly/weekly).

Customers recognize e-shops not only by their name, but also by their logo. That is why it is important to have the e-shop logo ready and to add it to your company profile on which you have linked to your registration at Zboží.cz, as soon as possible after the registration of your e-shop.

Inserting the logo is possible either in the administration at or by sending the logo to by e-mail to

Almost three million customers a month search for company services on the Internet. Every month, 2.5 million customers visit the profiles of specific companies on

With a business profile from Seznam, your offer will be visible where your customers are – on,, on the homepage of, and in its search.

Login change

You can easily change your login in the Zboží.cz administration under the tab “Provozovna“ – „Základní údaje“ – „Převést provozovnu na jiný účet”, where you enter the new account.

If you use Dynamic Retargeting or Dynamic Banners in Sklik, check in the Sklik administration whether the link to Zboží.cz has been preserved or renew the link.

We recommend that, for logging into the administration at Zboží.cz, you choose an account that you use regularly. This way, you avoid situations when you may not receive important information, e.g., running out of credit, exceeding your financial limit, not having the XML feed processed, etc. This way, you can prevent situations when you are not aware that your offers are not being displayed on Zboží.cz.

Wallet change

The wallet account is used for paying the amount charged for clicks made to your e-shop from services. Should you need to draw credit from another wallet and change the wallet account, you can do so in the Zboží.cz administration.

Simply change your wallet account in the Zboží.cz administration under “Aukce a konverze“ – „Kredit a limity”, where you enter “Změnit peněženku”. You will then be prompted to log in to your new wallet account and activate your campaign.

We will not allow you to change your wallet account if we have a record of a debt on your current account. You must first pay the debt on your current wallet account (or transfer funds from another account that is registered under the same ID number in line with the Client Zone terms).

Need more help?

If you are still unsure, please contact our consultants.