Terms and Conditions

Advertising must adhere to:

The Constitution and laws of the Czech Republic, the Terms and Conditions, the Zboží.cz Rules and Rules of Czech Grammar and Spelling.

Neither the advertisement nor the landing page may damage the reputation of the operator of the Zboží.cz advertising server.

Uniform rules for advertising in the Seznam.cz partner network can be found here

If the rules are violated, the administrators of the Zboží.cz service may block the offer or the entire campaign of an e-shop at any time during the advertising itself.

To make it easier for you to get oriented in our Terms and Conditions, we have compiled the information under individual tabs.

Frequently asked questions

No, only new goods can be advertised on Zboží.cz. However, you can advertise used, unpacked, or refurbished goods using your XML feed on the Sbazar service. The offers must be tagged with the appropriate <CONDITION> tag in the XML feed.

We have listed all impermissible content and possible penalties here.

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