The correct structure of the tags in the XML feed, as well as the amount and correctness of the information they contain, contributes to the effectiveness of any campaign in Zboží.cz.

You can check the correctness of your XML feed in our validator. We recommend that you indent the individual XML feed offers so that if an error occurs, the validator can tell you specifically where it occurred. The maximum size of the validated file must not exceed 150 MB.

Validator is used to validate only XML feeds according to Zboží.cz specification.

There are 3 possible validation results

XML feed is correct (XML feed je v pořádku)

XML feed needs to be fixed (XML feed je potřeba opravit)

This is not a critical error, the XML feed will be loaded, just some elements will not be processed.

XML feed cannot be used (XML feed nejde použít)

There is a critical error in the XML feed that causes the Zboží.cz robot to refuse to process the XML feed.

  • The declared character set must match the character set used in the XML feed 100%
  • The XML feed must contain the exact form of the root tag
    <SHOP xmlns=”″>
  • Non-standard characters for XML must be escaped or “wrapped” in CDATA
  • XML feed must contain all mandatory tags
  • take a look at the most common errors

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