Rules for Internet Shops

At, we put our visitors first. We also care about their privacy, and their trust is important to us. We therefore do not collect any specific data and we carefully anonymise data. Consequently, we are unable to link a specific name to internet activity. We have only anonymised aggregates of information. We do not peek into people’s e-mail boxes or robotically browse the contents. We fully respect the confidentiality of letters.

Advertisers are required to comply with the Advertising Rules available at:

This document contains the rules for entering data in the Zboží.cz service and is part of the Terms and Conditions. For violation of these rules, the Entity (internet shop) is punishable pursuant to the Terms and Conditions.

1. Requirements for the name of an Entity

1.1 The length of the Entity’s name may be a maximum of 24 characters and must not contain advertising slogans (i.e., not “XYZ Praha – your supplier of the cheapest tiles”, but only “XYZ Praha”).

1.2 The Entity name must be verifiable from publicly available sources and may be entered in one of the following ways:

  • by the domain of the internet shop or server, with the first letter capitalised
  • by the company’s presentation on the web (logo, contacts); if the name is too general (Children’s Toys), the official name according to the commercial or trade register will be added; if the name includes a municipality or brand, it must be supported by business materials
  • by name in the commercial or trade register
  • by business name (in the case of a legal entity, the name under which it is registered in the commercial register or another register, and in the case of a natural person, his/her name and surname); however, the business name may be given without an addition indicating the legal form
  • another name under which the Entity presents itself and is generally known among the public (that name must be supported by business materials – e.g., a stamp, business card, photograph of an establishment, flyer)

1.3 The title must not contain excessive repetition of words (one word or phrase twice or more in a row).

2. XML file requirements

2.1 The information in the XML file must be correct and must match the information on the website.

2.2 The prices of individual offers of goods must have a positive value in Czech crowns and must be quoted inclusive of VAT at a rate corresponding to applicable legal regulations. They must also be identical to the prices on the website. If the prices of the goods include the recycling fee (PHE) established by in Act No 185/2001 Coll., it must be included in the final price inclusive of VAT.

2.3 The title of the offer must be appropriate to the nature of the goods and must not contain vulgar expressions (unless they constitute a direct component of the title – e.g., of a book, film, etc.).

2.4 The description of the goods contains information only about the individual item.

2.5 The following offers cannot be made in an XML file:

  • Any vehicles that must be registered in the Road Vehicle Register
  • Services (service, assembly, installation, rental, etc.)
  • Gift and discount vouchers from third party vendors
  • Discount vouchers, gift vouchers (certificates) for non-traditional, above-standard events (adrenaline, sports events, air and car-moto gifts), wellness gifts and stays (relaxation and beauty), romantic gifts (a weekend for two, dinner in a luxury hotel), vouchers for courses (sports, adrenaline, gourmet, artistic, fun, special events)
  • Language, educational, and motivational courses
  • Logos, ringtones, wallpapers, and mobile games
  • Paid music and movie downloads
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Live animals and insects
  • Real estate
  • Gifts (not sold separately)
  • Goods of an unlawful nature or featuring unlawful subject matter
  • Goods that cannot be purchased directly from the Entity’s website listed during registration
  • The sale of firearms and ammunition which is subject to the possession of a firearms pass or a firearms licence (pursuant to Act No. 119/2002 Coll. on Arms and Ammunition).

2.6 The offers contained in the XML file must be directly and individually sellable in the online shop.

2.7 Individual offers of goods may not be listed more than once in the XML file.

2.8 A digital game license is newly allowed as a replacement of the boxed version.

2.9 The URL of each offer must not be redirected to the main page of the e-shop or any other address.

2.10. Offers must comply with the laws of the Czech Republic.

2.11. reserves the right to use the information contained in the XML file for its services or for services operated in cooperation with and its partners or directly by partners.

3. Requirements for individual offers of goods

3.1 The price of the individual offers of goods must be positive, must be true, and must include VAT at the rate compliant with applicable legislation, and must correspond to the price of the product as stated on the website. The price quoted may not be subject to any conditions.

3.2 It must be possible to order individual offers using a basket or by a direct link to an order form.

3.3 A single offer may be presented only once per shop. For example, if a product is classified into several categories on the shop’s pages, it may appear in the data file (the so-called XML feed) only once.

3.4 No offers may contain HTML tags.

3.5. Links from individual offers must be functional and must lead to the internet shop page (product detail), where there is only one offer presented in Zboží.cz, which can be ordered using the basket or a direct order form.

3.6 In the case of a range offered in a specific unit of measure (kilogram, metre, etc.), the price must be for the entire package, or the offer title must make it clear to which quantity the price refers (this information must appear in the first 64 characters of the item title). The price must correspond to the usual packaging or quantity in which the product can be purchased.

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