Standard conversion code

By setting up a standard conversion code, you get a range of benefits such as more reviews, an overview of each order, reviews from verified customers, efficient ad management and more.

To measure conversions in a standard way, you need to approve the terms and conditions and obtain the so-called secret key in the administration of your establishment. The secret key is used to verify that the data sent by the conversion code actually comes from your store.

If you run your shop on one of the supported shopsystems, just enter your shop ID and the secret key you have obtained in the interface. Then, in the Zboží.cz administration, all you need to do is to enable conversion tracking.

If you need to implement conversion tracking customized to your shopsystem, the technical documentation will help you, where in addition to the sample codes you can also find a prebuilt class in PHP. We recommend to verify the correctness of the implementation before turning on the tracking itself on the test page, where you can have a test ID and a secret key generated and verify that the data about the generated orders arrive on our test server (without storing them). For this testing, you need to use the useSandbox call in the code.

Attention! Do not forget to remove this call after the test, otherwise your conversions will not be processed.

As part of standard conversion measurement, we recommend active collection of e-shop reviews, which is done by passing the shopper’s email address in the back-end part of the conversion code. The transfer of information to third parties must comply with GDPR rules.

Zboží.cz OPT-OUT confirmation is required to send the shopper’s email in the conversion code. (Expression of active disagreement)

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