Displaying of offers

Every search starts on the Zboží.cz homepage. It includes a search box, gift tips and inspiration for shoppers, theme products, a list of fifteen main categories and an overview of popular brands. All homepage content is chosen by editors and neither e-shops nor manufacturers can purchase any visibility on it.

Zboží.cz homepage

The Zboží.cz shopping guide guides customers through the entire shopping process. At the beginning of the process, potential customers find out basic information about the product they are looking for. When browsing individual categories (without searching), products are ranked by popularity (i.e., by CTR – click-through rate to the product by previous customers). This ranking cannot be influenced by e-shops or manufacturers.

product display in a category

Products in a category can also be filtered by price or manufacturer. Further sorting based on parameters such as material, colour, dimensions, etc. varies and is based on data from XML feeds of e-shops.

Useful “How to choose” advisory texts also help the customer choose the right product. These are available in most of the important categories. If a potential customer searches for the name of a manufacturer, a brand page with selected products will be displayed (but the selection cannot be influenced).

brand detail

When a customer enters a general query in the search bar, which corresponds to a category on Zboží.cz, they are automatically redirected to that category.

redirecting to a category after searching for “tablets”

The queries that a customer enters into the search box change depending on the stage of the buying process they are currently at. As they gradually add important parameters, give price ranges, get an idea of which type of product is suitable for them, their initially general queries take on a more specific form. The autocomplete function helps them in this process.


Once a potential customer has enough information to make a purchase, he/she usually decides between just a few products or looks only for detailed information about a specific product. At that point, his queries are very specific. The user then sorts the search results according to relevance. They can still be filtered in various ways according to the selected parameters.

For e-shops, it is important to send the correct values for the CATEGORYTEXT and PARAM elements in the XML feed. It is also possible to filter results by delivery point. Therefore, it is important to have this feature set up as well.

In the search results, we distinguish between two ways in which the advertised offer from the e-shop can be displayed. It is possible in the manually created product and then in the automatically created product.

Products created manually

product created manually

The manually created product card of a given product is created by the administrators and shows a detailed description of the product, pictures, variants, parameters, etc. The product is always classified in a specific category and the click leads to its details. There the customer can choose from the offers of individual e-shops.

Product cards can be set up as part of our Vendor Cooperation. For orders or questions, please contact zbozi.vendori@firma.seznam.cz.

Product created automatically

product created automatically

Automatically created product is an item that an e-shop delivers via XML feed to the Zboží.cz service. It contains its name, e-shop (where it is available), image, sales price and availability, as well as additional information (for example, free gift). The offer can be placed in a category (the condition is to have a correctly filled value for the CATEGORYTEXT element in the feed). The click then leads directly to the e-shop.

Manually created products are displayed in the first positions, followed by the automatically created products.

If there are no manually created product cards for a user query, only automatic product cards will be visible. Their ordering is influenced by the relevance and quality of the e-shop.

We take several factors into account when recommendind offers on the product detail pace to make shopping at Zboží.cz as convenient as possible for users.

You will need to meet 2 criteria to appear among the featured items:

  • The average rating of an online shop must be higher than 70% provided that the e-shop has more than 5 ratings.
  • We will not show high-priced items that less than 5% of users are interested in among the featured items.

The price of the product, shipping, gift, warranty, etc. play a decisive role in the customer’s choice of e-shop.

Zboží.cz is the main helper when a customer is deciding to buy a certain product. It is in the interest of e-shops to accompany the customer every step of the way (to be traceable when filtering by parameters), to make themselves known as a possible seller, and finally to convince the customer with their offer to buy.

You can find more information in the “offer placement” section.

The Zboží.cz service, all of its content and other content and technical elements that are directly related to the Zboží.cz service or are otherwise directly linked to it, form a database and are subject to copyright protection in accordance with applicable legal regulations. Seznam.cz, a.s., as the database provider, holds the rights to the database and it is forbidden to interfere with the database in any way, in particular to extract from it, without the written consent of Seznam.cz, a.s..

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