Impermissible content and penalties

This document serves as a quick reference to frequently violated points in the Terms and Conditions or Rules that are applicable.

Entities are often penalised in particular in the following cases:

  • XML feed contains items that cannot be purchased separately (e.g., gifts that can be bought only with other items)
  • adding several shops with identical goods at the same prices
  • assigning the offer to the wrong VAT rate
  • the sale of firearms and ammunition, which is subject to the possession of a firearms pass or a firearms licence (according to the Act on Weapons and Ammunition No. 119/2002 Coll.)
  • duplication of offers in XML
  • product name or description contains superlatives (e.g., cheapest internet shop or otherwise unrelated text, excessive punctuation, smileys, exclamation marks, etc.)
  • the product label does not contain a description (information) of the specific offer, but an advertising message
  • offer of goods that cannot be purchased directly in the internet shop
  • redirecting of offers from a URL specified in the XML to another address
  • offer of services, tours (whether domestic, foreign, stay or sightseeing, etc.)
  • offer of real estate (cottages, apartments, garages, mobile homes, etc.)
  • selling logos, ringtones, wallpapers and games for mobile phones, paid music downloads, etc.
  • offer of any vehicles that must be in the Road Vehicle Register
  • adding multiple shops from a second-tier domain with identical goods at the same price, albeit with a different shop name
  • the target of the tags is directed to the same URL despite their different form, e.g., the main page of the e-shop
  • misleading offer title that does not correspond to the nature of the product
  • description of the offer is not in Czech
  • excessive repetition of words in the title and description of the offer
  • tag according to the rules for advertising on Sbazar.offers of second-hand, repaired, used, unpacked goods or goods with damaged packaging that are not marked with the CONDITION tag according to the rules for advertising on Sbazar.
  • dysfunctional links to products
  • different ID number on the website than the one under which the operator is registered
  • suspicion of unfair practices in the evaluation of shops and advertising servers
  • erotic offers that are not tagged with <EROTIC>1</EROTIC>
  • The XML feed contains offers containing tobacco products, cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, pipe, pipe, cigarette, snuff and chewing tobacco, tobacco for the manual packaging of cigarettes including cigarettes and tobacco for the manual packaging of cigarettes with characteristic flavours, cigars, cigarillos, flavoured cigarette capsules, nicotine sachets and similar products. In addition, vitamin, herbal or otherwise flavoured cigarettes, smokeless tobacco products, electronic cigarettes including spare parts and liquids (including liquids with 0% nicotine or CBD content). In addition, products which directly or indirectly promote smoking
  • advertising kratom
  • violate the rules of kratom advertising. Kratom may not be presented as a food or associated with consumption in any way. Neither the advertisement nor the target URL may directly or indirectly mention the form of kratom (e.g., tea bags, capsules, drinks, etc.) or any effects
  • in the case of an intermediated sale for third parties
  • in the case of websites that are price comparison websites
  • offers of starter infant formula (0-6 months) that include a term such as ‘humanised’ or ‘maternalised’ or similar terms that give the impression that it fully replaces natural breastfeeding
  • advertise medicines that are not in the SÚKL database
  • advertise medicines that are dispensed on prescription or contain psychotropic substances (exception: prescription drugs in the context of a vaccination campaign approved by the Ministry of Health – written confirmation of the Ministry’s approval of the vaccination campaign must be presented to
  • over-the-counter medicines that do not contain information
    • that they are a medicinal product
    • the exact name of the medicine (as it is listed in the SÚKL database)
    • on the correct use of the medicine
    • an invitation to read the package leaflet carefully
  • the advertisement gives the impression that a medical consultation is not necessary; the advertisement contains blatantly exaggerated claims about the possibility of recovery or improvement
  • foods are attributed preventive or curative effects and characteristics that all similar foods have
  • advertising for dietary supplements does not clearly state “dietary supplement”
  • advertising human tissues or cells and promoting such advertising
  • sale of narcotic and psychotropic substances, natural drugs (e.g., sage, cannabis, psilocybe mushrooms) and their seeds.
  • advertising of cannabis seeds or food containing THC. Advertising of cannabis seeds is possible only if they are food intended for consumption and do not contain THC. Cannabis ointments, cannabis food, dietary supplements, energy drinks can be advertised only if these cannabis products have been produced and marketed in accordance with the applicable legislation. This includes the use of cannabis varieties in which the content of substances from the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) group does not exceed the legal limit of 1%.
  • advertising HHC products
  • advertising of CBD flowers is possible only if the flowers are intended for industrial, laboratory, technical, or horticultural purposes. The seller must not encourage his customers to consume dried flowers, even indirectly. Therefore, under no circumstance may the advertising of this product imply or even mention a connection with the consumption of flowers. Advertising containing the names of seed banks, their origin (e.g., from the Netherlands) or the properties of the seeds (e.g., autoflowering) is not permitted.
  • advertising of foods containing CBD (including dietary supplements). It is completely prohibited to make medical claims with respect to these products. Advertisements must not imply that the food or dietary supplement acts as a treatment, i.e., attribute to it the property of preventing, alleviating, or curing a disease.
  • advertising poppers products
  • in the event of a violation of the agreed terms and conditions in the Zboží.cz administration interface in the “Delivery by Christmas” function

Each violation shall be assessed individually according to its severity., a.s. reserves the right to exclude, without notice, shops suspected of deceiving consumers or of other actions that could be contrary to good morals, competition rules, or the laws of the Czech Republic, from searches on Zboží.cz, for up to an indefinite period of time. Renewal of inclusion must be requested by e-mail at

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