Credit top-up

Advertisements on Zboží.cz are paid through the Client Zone, which includes the Seznam Wallet service. You can log into the service with the same login details as the account for which you have set up your campaign. Once the credit is topped up, your e-shop offers will start to appear.

You can find your Wallet credit status in the Zboží.cz administration in the main store overview and in the Client Zone. You can find the exact amount spent in the selected period in the statistics in the Zboží.cz administration or in the Client Zone.

The statistics of the Zboží.cz and Peněženka services are updated with a delay and independently of each other in terms of time. Customers’ clicks are deducted from the credit in batches at different time intervals according to the system load.

Credit top-up method

The Seznam Wallet is used to pay for clicks on Zboží.cz and can be topped up by bank transfer, credit card, online directly from the client’s account, or through our sales department or the assigned sales representative.

After authorising your account in Seznam Peněženka and topping up your credit, you can download an invoice in the Client Zone interface, which you can include in your business expenses.


Take advantage of the automatic top-up option in the Client Zone, to reduce the likelihood of campaigns being suspended because your credit has been exhausted. When paying by card, check Allow easy card payments and after recharging select “Automate payments”, you will be taken to a page where you can set up a rule for automatic topping up.

Credit transfer

You can transfer your credit to other accounts in your Peněženka that are verified for your ID number.

Simply select the amount to be transferred and select the destination account. We will then reserve the amount in your account until the administrator of the destination account accepts or rejects it. If the acceptance/rejection does not take place within 4 days, the amount will be automatically refunded.

We will issue a credit note for the credit offered.

Credit drop notification

In the client area, you can set an alert if your credit drops below a certain value. You can also use the option to have that information sent to the e-mail address where you can be reached most often. By setting up an alert, you can prevent running out of credit and having your campaigns suspended.

Duration of payment

If you pay online or by credit card, your credit will be increased on the same day. Payment by bank transfer takes 2 – 4 business days, depending on your banking institution.

Need more help?

If you are still unsure, please contact our consultants.