Co-branding cooperation

Let potential customers know about your product! Display it in banner ads on selected Seznam services:, Seznam Zprávy, Seznam HP, Seznam Email,

WHY: Thanks to attractive visuals, you’ll reach your customers right from the start of the buying journey.


Co-branding is more cost-effective in a vendor collaboration compared to a standard campaign.

It takes the customer directly to the product detail, its category or to the Spotlight article within Zboží.cz.

As part of the client’s presentation, the banner always includes the Zboží.cz logo.

More clicks on the product within the campaign will also give you a better position in the display on Zboží.cz.

We prepare custom made campaigns for our clients.

POSITION SELECTION – homepage: wallpaper; product sail; mobile square premium

Seznam News: Branding; Leaderboard; Native ad; Mobile Square premium; Skyscarper Bottom; Mobile Square; Skyscarper

Email: Skyscarper Branding; Leaderboard; Native advert; Product sail / Skyscarper Bottom; Rectangle; Skyscarper; Top Sponsor; Mobile square premium Commercial background; Service sponsor; Mobile square; Product sail

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