The product of a given item can be created by administrators or automatically.
The product is always classified in a specific category and the click leads to its details.

Product display in search:

Sorting of offers

Offers are sorted in the product in two ways:

  • Product – Recommended offers
  • Product – Offers by price  

Sorting in recommended offers

You can control the display and order in this section using MAX_CPC.

The number of e-shops displayed in featured offers depends on the number of offers paired to the product. In case there are 0-2 e-shops in the product, no bid position will be displayed. For 3-4 e-shops there is 1 bid position and for 5+ e-shops there are 4 bid positions.

Other factors for displaying in featured offers, such as ratings, can be found in the technical conditions of Zboží.cz.

Sorting offers by price

This sorting is influenced by the selling price of the item, stock availability and other factors.

The number of e-shops paired into offers by price is unlimited. However, by default we display the first five, the others e-shops will be displayed only after expanding “další obchody” (more shops). 

We charge prices according to the basic price list of Zboží.cz.

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