In case of deploying a standard measurement conversion code, we will give you access to the API. The API is used to automatically download data according to the criteria you specify without having to log into the Zboží.cz administration. It can simplify your work with the data you normally need to evaluate your campaigns.

Examples of data you can get through the API:

  • current credit status
  • Campaign performance by segment, brand, category and individual offers
  • sales prices of competitors’ offers
  • Listed offers in categories
  • paired offers in product cards
  • category tree according to Zboží.cz specification
  • customer rating of the e-shop with the possibility of returning the reaction to the rating to Zboží.cz
  • withdrawal of customer’s consent to provide data to third parties


Another advantage is that through the API, you can update the cost-per-click, sale price and availability of your offers that you are selling more quickly.

The complete API specification can be found at https://api.zbozi.cz/.

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