Dynamic retargeting (DRTG)

Every e-shop that has a registration on Zboží.cz, can reach its customers with dynamic retargeting ads.

Dynamic retargeting (DRTG) shows visitors of your e-shop the products they have viewed in your shop, including the image and the current price. Thanks to the connection with the Zboží.cz XML feed, there is no need to enter any retargeting conditions or edit the retargeting code. The system will recognize itself what the user has viewed.

You don’t have to place ads or upload banners. Sklik creates them for you from the XML feed.

The DRTG may also appear in pure text form on selected websites, for example under an article on Novinky.cz or Sport.cz.

In order to display advertisements from the DRTG campaign, it is necessary to have the logo uploaded to Firmy.cz.

Thanks to the connection to your XML feed, the offers are always up-to-date. The timeliness is determined by the frequency of updating the XML feed to Zboží.cz, which is set in its administration.

More information on dynamic retargeting can be found in Sklik help section.

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