How to pay for Zboží.cz

Advertising on Zboží.cz has no entry fees or minimum spend. You pay per click to the e-shop.

Payment per click

When you pay per click, you pay for the clicks on the advertisement, you pay only for the users we have brought to your website through Zboží.cz.

Cost per click (CPC)

The maximum cost per click represents the amount you are willing to pay for a click through to your e-shop. The cost per click is arbitrary and can be changed at any time, you can offer a minimum of 0.6 CZK excluding VAT. The CPC affects the placement of your ad in search results, so a higher offer can move your offer to a better position.

In the case of setting a lower amount per click than the minimum amount according to the sales price, we will display the offer and automatically process the minimum CPC, within which the offer falls, according to the sales price.

However, the actual cost per click may be lower than the maximum cost per click offered. When a click-through occurs, the system will charge the lowest amount necessary to maintain the position of an offer. The actual cost per click will never exceed the maximum cost per click set by you.

After the offers are ranked, the real CPC is calculated and then charged in the case of a click-through.

Financial limit

You can control spending by setting a financial limit for your campaign, so you don’t have to worry about paying more than you can afford.

The financial limit can be changed in the Zboží.cz administration in the “Aukce a konverze“ – „Kredit a limity” tab.

The financial limit is used to set an approximate spending limit for clicks. When the financial limit is exceeded, the display of offers is deactivated until the selected period expires or the financial limit is increased. The suspension will take effect within 24 hours.

Unlimited limit

Setting an unlimited financial limit will ensure that offers from your e-shop will not stop appearing when the financial limit is exceeded. This way, your campaign is prepared for increased demand, for example, during the Christmas season.

Monthly limit

The financial limit can also be set by period, e.g., per month. If we note that the financial limit is exceeded during a month, we will withdraw your offers from displaying on Zboží.cz and start displaying them again at the beginning of the following month.

Weekly limit

The shortest period for which a financial limit can be set is one week. If we note that your weekly financial limit is exceeded during a week, we will withdraw your offers from displaying on Zboží.cz and start displaying them again at the beginning of the following week.

Insufficiently set financial limits will cause offers from your e-shop not to be displayed in search results on Zboží.cz. Please pay due attention to the amount you set.

Debt in wallet

When you advertise on Zboží.cz, we may charge your credit to your debt. This situation occurs because we deduct credit from your wallet for each hour you display on Zboží.cz. Therefore, if your credit was close to zero in the previous hour when your credit was charged, it is very likely that your credit will go into debt the next time it is charged.

If this situation occurs, we can have the debt removed for you up to -20 CZK excluding VAT.

If your debt exceeds this amount, it must be paid into’s bank account.

Account No.: 949949028/5500
The variable symbol must be the registration number. The amount due must be paid including VAT.
After payment, you must contact the billing department at

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