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How to change wallet account

The wallet account is used for the payment for clicks to the e-shop from Seznam.cz services. Sometimes it is necessary to take credit from another wallet and change the wallet account in the Zboží.cz interface. You can learn how to change your account in this video.

 How to change XML feed’s URL

 URL XML feed can be easily change in the Zboží.cz interface. We recommend you to validate the XML feed in the validator before any changes to ensure that we proces the XML feed correctly.

 How to set up pick up point

 How to set up delivery

 How to set up auction by price range

The easiest and fastest way to set up auction clicks is in the Zboží.cz interface using price ranges. All you have to do is divide price ranges accordint to the advertis item’s sales prices and we will adjust positions for items in the search results on Zboží.cz. All you have to do is set up auction clicks by this video tutorial.

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